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We present an electromechanical model of myocardium tissue coupling a modified FitzHugh-Nagumo type system, describing the electrical activity of the excitable media, with finite elasticity, endowed with the capability of describing muscle contractions. The high degree of deformability of the medium makes it mandatory to set the diffusion process in a(More)
We set a twofold investigation: we assess left ventricular (LV) rotation and twist in the human heart through 3D-echocardiographic speckle tracking, and use representative experimental data as benchmark with respect to numerical results obtained by solving our mechanical model of the LV. We aim at new insight into the relationships between myocardial(More)
A mechanics-based analysis of data from three-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography is proposed, aimed at investigating deformations in myocardium and at assessing shape and function of distinct strain lines corresponding to the principal strain lines of the cardiac tissue. The analysis is based on the application of a protocol of measurement of the(More)
The aim of this paper is to emphasise the role of the primary strain-line patterns in a human left ventricle (LV) within the complex system that is the heart. In particular, a protocol is proposed for the measurement of the principal strain lines (PSL) in the walls of the LV; this protocol is tested by means of a computational model which resembles a human(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate human left ventricular heart morphological changes in time among 17 healthy subjects. Preliminarily, 2 patients with volumetric overload due to aortic insufficiency were added to our analyses. We propose a special strategy to compare the shape, orientation and size of cardiac cycle's morphological trajectories in(More)
When stretched uniaxially, a thin elastic sheet may exhibit buckling. The occurrence of buckling depends on the geometrical properties of the sheet and the magnitude of the applied strain. Here we show that an elastomeric sheet initially stable under uniaxial stretching can destabilize when exposed to a solvent that swells the elastomer. We demonstrate(More)
The assessment of left ventricular shape changes during cardiac revolution may be a new step in clinical cardiology to ease early diagnosis and treatment. To quantify these changes, only point registration was adopted and neither Generalized Procrustes Analysis nor Principal Component Analysis were applied as we did previously to study a group of healthy(More)
It has been demonstrated experimentally that pre-stretch affects the swelling of an elastomeric membrane when it is exposed to a solvent. We study theoretically the one-dimensional swelling of a pre-stretched thin elastomeric sheet, bonded to an impermeable rigid substrate, to quantify the influence of pre-stretch. We show that the solvent uptake increases(More)