Paola Mengotti

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BACKGROUND A combined protocol of voxel-based morphometry (VBM) and diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) was applied to investigate the neurodevelopment of gray and white matter in autism. METHODS Twenty children with autism (mean age= 7 ± 2.75 years old; age range: 4-14; 2 girls) and 22 matched normally developing children (mean age = 7.68 ± 2.03 years old;(More)
Human ability to imitate movements is instantiated in parietal, premotor and opercular structures, often referred to as the human homologue of the macaque mirror neuron system. As most studies employed imitation of specular models (participants imitated the seen movement as their mirror reflection), it is unclear whether the structures implicated code for(More)
Whether motor and linguistic representations of actions share common neural structures has recently been the focus of an animated debate in cognitive neuroscience. Group studies with brain-damaged patients reported association patterns of praxic and linguistic deficits whereas single case studies documented double dissociations between the correct execution(More)
Human erythrocytes contain a calpain activator protein with a molecular mass of approx. 40 kDa. The activator is present in association with the plasma membrane and promotes expression of calpain activity at a concentration of Ca2+ close to physiological values. The initial step of the activating mechanism involves association of the activator with calpain,(More)
Two calpastatins, with Mr 110 KD and named calpastatin I and II, have been isolated from rat heart and kidney and displayed distinct inhibitory efficiency with mu- and m-calpain, respectively, as those isolated from rat skeletal muscle. Whereas the level of calpastatin I always exceeds that of mu-calpain, the level of calpastatin II appears to be more(More)
The production of superoxide anion in human and rat neutrophils is directly correlated to the level of protein kinase C. Such correlation has been established on a comparative basis by analysis of neutrophils from normal and hypertensive subjects, characterized by an increased amount of protein kinase C, and of neutrophils from normal and genetically(More)
The presence of low levels of calpastatin activity in erythrocytes of hypertensive rats affects regulation of calpain activity so it is highly susceptible to activation within physiological fluctuations in [Ca2+]. Under identical conditions, in red cells of normotensive rats, calpain activation is efficiently controlled by the high levels of calpastatin(More)
The human tendency to imitate gestures performed by conspecifics is automatic in nature. However, whether this automatic imitation can be considered as a true imitative phenomenon or only as a special instance of spatial compatibility is still being debated. New evidence suggests that automatic imitation, otherwise known as 'imitative compatibility', shall(More)
Past research has indicated that when individuals observe biological movements many areas in the observer's motor system become active. Nonetheless, recent behavioral evidence showed that observed movements can interfere with execution of incompatible movements, especially the biological ones. However, the hypothesis that the interference originates within(More)
We report a case of a 47-year-old woman with 35-year history of multiple sclerosis, who showed alien hand signs, a rare behavioural disorder that involves unilateral goal-directed movements that are contrary to the individual's intention. Alien hand syndrome has been described in multiple sclerosis (MS) only occasionally and is generally suggestive of(More)