Paola M. Mafla-Endara

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Andean Pholidobolus and Macropholidus lizards contain seven and two species, respectively, as currently recognized. We analyze three mitochondrial loci (12S, 16S, ND4) using Bayesian methods to clarify the phylogenetic relationships between these genera based on a well-supported phylogenetic hypothesis. The phylogenetic tree obtained in this paper includes(More)
Histoplasmosis is a zoonotic systemic mycosis caused by Histoplasma capsulatum. We report a case of a female canine, 4 years old, presenting multifocal lymphadenitis and skin and gingival lesions, in Ecuador. Based on cytological, histopathological, histochemical analyses, fungal culture and DNA sequencing of the ITS region of the fungus, the diagnosis(More)
In species-rich tropical forests, effective biodiversity management demands measures of progress, yet budgetary limitations typically constrain capacity of decision makers to assess response of biological communities to habitat change. One approach is to identify ecological-disturbance indicator species (EDIS) whose monitoring is also monetarily(More)
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