Paola Loffredo

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Rett syndrome is a neurological disorder affecting predominantly females with regression loss of speech and purposeful hand use, after a few months of almost normal development. Postnatal microcephaly, hand dispraxia, stereotypic ‘hand-washing’ activities, ataxia, and abnormal breathing are among its most characteristic features. Another aspect of this(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the type of an alternative technique for epidural analgesia for pain relief during labour, the reason of its choice and its efficiency. STUDY DESIGN A one-year prospective survey in 34 french hospitals. MATERIAL AND METHODS A questionnaire was filled for each request for a non-epidural technique during labour. The data recorded the(More)
Facial hemangioma is usually isolated but its association with craniocervical arterial anomalies and structural brain malformations is well known. The acronym PHACE syndrome (posterior fossa malformation, facial hemangiomas, arterial anomalies, cardiac/aortic anomalies, and eye abnormalities) has been used to indicate that disorder in which brain anomalies(More)
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