Paola Iovanna

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After a review of the motivating factors that claim for traffic engineering in next generation infrastructures based on Internet Protocol (IP), this paper briefly reviews the main issues relating to MPLS technology and the possibility to realize a unique control plane in a multi-layer network based on the extended version of MPLS: the GMPLS. In particular,(More)
Next-generation network infrastructure should support different services and several levels of quality of service (QoS) and resilience. The main requirements for such multiservice networks are flexibility, effective utilization of network resources, and ability to react to traffic demand changes with time. These requisites lead to the fact that(More)
This paper reports on a novel strategy and related algorithm for realizing dynamic routing and grooming into wavelengths of data flows (label switched paths, LSPs) in new generation optical networks based on generalized MPLS (GMPLS). The method allows arbitrary granularities of LSPs. The new generation network is modeled as a multi-layer network consisting(More)
This paper considers two important aspects related to the control plane of Traffic Engineered IP/MPLS networks: the “flooding reduction” mechanisms and the evaluation of processing cost for signaling and routing protocols. The flooding reduction mechanisms are needed to reduce the amount of information exchanged by Traffic Engineering enabled routing(More)
This work presents Xhaul: the 5G Integrated Fronthaul/Backhaul. Xhaul aims at developing an adaptive, sharable, cost-efficient 5G transport network solution integrating the fronthaul and backhaul segments of the network. This transport network will flexibly interconnect distributed 5G radio access and core network functions, hosted on in-network cloud(More)
The development of a new generation of photonic integrated circuits and the constant progress in integrated electronics (following Moore's law) made the realization of a new type of optical transport node possible, by basing it on the concept of a digital photonic switching layer working in coordination with the packet switching layer under the control of a(More)