Paola Gaspari

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The incidence of dead on arrival (DOA) birds was surveyed over 33 broiler, 11 turkey, and 19 spent hen abattoirs representing the majority (around 70%) of the Italian poultry slaughter plants. Data were recorded monthly during a 4-yr period (August 2001 to July 2005), considering a total of 1266 million chicken broilers, 118 million turkeys, and 54 million(More)
Split hand-split foot malformation (SHFM) is characterized by hypoplasia/aplasia of the central digits with fusion of the remaining digits. SHFM is usually an autosomal dominant condition and at least five loci have been identified in humans. Mutation analysis of the DACTYLIN gene, suspected to be responsible for SHFM3 in chromosome 10q24, was conducted in(More)
Deletions of the long arm of chromosome 6 are known to occur at relatively low frequency (3-6%) in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), and they are more frequently observed in 6q21. Few data have been reported regarding other bands on 6q involved by cytogenetic alterations in CLL. The cytogenetic study was performed in nuclei and metaphases obtained after(More)
As is well known, the colour of meat is one of the main indicators of its hygienic– sanitary quality. Consequently, it is important to preserve the proper grade of chromaticity for every kind of meat. In such a context it is good practice to employ protective atmosphere packaging as a means of maintaining the natural colour of fresh meat and to lengthen its(More)
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