Paola Eugenia Solís Arias

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We began a study about the three main causes of blindness in 1990, because their incidence and prevalence have not changed in the last forty years. Twelve years later we concluded that the main source of energy for the human retina is water, not ATP. And this is also true for the entire human body. Water is the main source of energy. The amazing capability(More)
Since the characteristics of the detected reflections depend on the issued signal properties, a key factor for carrying out a successful GPR survey is to know as much as possible about the transmission features of the antennas. This information is essential when deciding the antenna and which is the most appropriate parameter configuration setting for a(More)
Abslruct-A key factor for the accurate interpretation of surface-penetrating radar records is to know as much as possible about the transmission features of our antennas. The characteristics o f the detected reflections (trace time zero, duration and shape of the reflected pulse, minimum overlap distance between direct signal and first reflection, etc)(More)
We point out that a cold dark matter condensate made of gauge bosons from an extra hidden U(1) sector dubbed hiddenphotons can create a small, oscillating electric density current. Thus, they could also be searched for in the recently proposed LC-circuit setup conceived for axion cold dark matter search by Sikivie, Sullivan and Tanner. We estimate the(More)
A simple titration technique utilizing pyridine as a FTIR spectroscopy probe is demonstrated to successfully predict relative Brønsted acid-limited reaction rates in different ionic liquid (IL) environments. Relative acidity is shown to vary across three aprotic ILs in a manner that is specific to the particular acid-IL pairing.
In November, 2002, the Prestige fuel oil tanker was damaged during a storm 45 km off the coast of Galicia (Spain). More than 30.000 tons of oil were leaked and arrived on the Galician coast. Some months later, layers of fuel contamination still appear at different depths in the sand of the beaches, from some cm to 1-2 meters. The use of GPR to detect and(More)
We propose that a tiny violation of Lorentz and CPT symmetry can lead to very interesting physical phenomena in the neutrino sector. For example, it is already known that Lorentz and CPT violation can give rise to oscillations of even massless neutrinos. In this paper, we carry this investigation further quantitatively and taking a simple model derive(More)
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