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It is known that a paracrine mechanism exists between mesenchymal stem cells and target cells. This process may involve microvesicles (MVs) as an integral component of cell-to-cell communication. In this context, this study aims to understand the efficacy of MVs in in-vitro endometrial stressed cells in view of potential healing in in-vivo studies. For this(More)
BACKGROUND Endometritis reduces fertility and is responsible for major economic losses in beef and dairy industries. The aim of this study was to evaluate an alternative therapy using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP was tested in vivo, after bovine intrauterine administration, and in vitro on endometrial cells. METHODS Bovine endometrial cells were(More)
The present study investigated the effects of conditioned medium (CM), composed of microvesicles (MVs) and soluble factors present in the supernatant (SN), of bovine endometrial and amniotic cells on embryo quality and rate of blastocyst production. Presumptive zygotes were randomly assigned on Days 1, 3 and 5 after fertilisation to synthetic oviducal fluid(More)
Extrafetal tissues are a noncontroversial and inexhaustible source of mesenchymal stem cells that can be harvested noninvasively at low cost. In the veterinary field, as in man, stem cells derived from extrafetal tissues express plasticity, reduced immunogenicity, and have high anti-inflammatory potential making them promising candidates for treatment of(More)
The effect of conditioned medium (CM) or microvesicles (MVs), secreted by multicellular spheroids of oviductal cells, and the involvement of some microRNAs (miRNAs) were investigated in canine oocyte maturation. To generate CM, spheroids were cultured for 3 days. MVs were obtained by ultracentrifugation of CM at 100,000 g and measured for size and(More)
Authors describe the echographic characteristics A and B-scan of the disciform macular degeneration. They also examine the problems of an echographic differential diagnosis between the upper described pathological pattern and the melanoma of small dimensions growing from the posterior pole. With the B-scan, both pathological patterns show a zone of echoes(More)
Recent studies have revealed the presence of a mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) population in human and in gilt granulosa cells (GCs), thus increasing the interest in identifying the same population in the bovine species. We first isolated GCs by scraping from bovine preovulatory follicles and then tested several different media to define the ideal conditions to(More)
Authors describe the echographic characteristics A and B-scan of a malignant primitive melanoma of the orbit and the diagnostic difficulties. In fact we do not have, in the scientific literature, abstracts with an echographic description. The A-scan shows us a characteristic pattern: a frontal big echo followed from many lessing echoes not returning to the(More)
The differential diagnosis among the diseases that may simulate retinoblastoma is supported by several techniques; however, none of them can give an undeniable answer. In the authors' opinion the tissue characterization by power spectrum analysis of the radiofrequency ultrasound data may play an important role in the backscattered signal spectrum while(More)