Paola Di Ninni

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In the present work, we investigated the scattering and spectrally resolved absorption properties of nanofluids consisting in aqueous and glycol suspensions of single-wall carbon nanohorns. The characteristics of these nanofluids were evaluated in view of their use as sunlight absorber fluids in a solar device. The observed nanoparticle-induced differences(More)
In this paper a forward solver software for the time domain and the CW domain based on the Born approximation for simulating the effect of small localized fluorophores embedded in a non-fluorescent biological tissue is proposed. The fluorescence emission is treated with a mathematical model that describes the migration of photons from the source to the(More)
The in-vivo optical properties of the human head are investigated in the 600-1100 nm range on different subjects using continuous wave and time domain diffuse optical spectroscopy. The work was performed in collaboration with different research groups and the different techniques were applied to the same subject. Data analysis was carried out using(More)
The full characterization of the optical properties of nanofluids consisting of single-wall carbon nanohorns of different morphologies in aqueous suspensions is carried out using a novel spectrophotometric technique. Information on the nanofluid scattering and absorption spectral characteristics is obtained by analyzing the data within the single scattering(More)
The calibration of optical tissue-simulating phantoms remains an open question in spite of the many techniques proposed for accurate measurements of optical properties. As a consequence, a reference phantom with well known optical properties is still missing. As a first step towards a reference phantom we have recently proposed to use dilutions of(More)
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