Paola Del Prete

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BACKGROUND Prostate cancer antigen 3 (PCA3) holds promise in diagnosing prostate cancer (PCa), but no consensus has been reached on its clinical use. Multivariable predictive models have shown increased accuracy over individual risk factors. OBJECTIVE To compare the performance of the two available risk estimators incorporating PCA3 in the detection of(More)
Surgery for pulmonary metastases is an accepted method of treatment for many kinds of malignant neoplasms, because of favorable results in five-year and ten-year survival. At present several technical aspects are being debate (operative indications, method of thoracic access, procedure of lung resection, approach of bilateral lesions), with the aim of(More)
Pulmonary hamartoma is a rare benign tumor often found by chance. Only in 10% of cases are some calcifications like "pop corn". Fibrobroncho-scopy is help only in endobronchial forms; they don't reach 10% of cases. Computed Tomography and transparietal biopsy can be diagnostic. In the uncertain cases and in presence of symptoms, thoracotomy with exeresis of(More)
The high hepatic clearance of the new doxorubicin analogue epirubicin (4'-epidoxorubicin, epiDX) suggests a possible use of this drug in local and regional therapy where a first pass through the liver is required before the drug can reach systemic circulation. EpiDX pharmacokinetics was followed in advanced cancer patients with liver metastases or a primary(More)
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PAC) is a very aggressive and lethal cancer, with a very poor prognosis, because of absence of early symptoms, advanced stage at presentation, early metastatic dissemination and lack of both specific tests to detect its growth in the initial phases and effective systemic therapies. To date, the causes of PAC still remain largely(More)
Morelli and Di Paola's thoracotomy allows to approach the pleural space with the only osteo-muscular sparing without any section of chest wall structures. With this kind of approach that we have been employing since twenty years, we report our experience about 82 cases recently operated on for both pulmonary and mediastinal disease. Unlike who don't(More)
Protection levels against tetanus toxin were estimated in 332 patients, at our Laboratory, by means of the passive haemagglutination with turkey erythrocyte test. The testing showed that the protection level decreases with age, it is higher among males in those over 30 yrs; roughly 10% of those who were not vaccinated were protected. Furthermore, it has(More)
The authors report their recent experience in the treatment of two patients respectively affected by Crohn's disease and adenocarcinoma of the terminal ileum. Although with some differences, they presented with radiological, pathological and gross morphological findings quite similar so that the authors concluded for a different clinical stage of Crohn's(More)
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