Paola Daniela Monari

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A serious obstacle to GIS technology full deployment is the distance that still remains between it and the culture of the geographic information (GI) user. This is focused on spatial data and the operations to perform on them, not on how they are managed by a specific GIS package. The last generation tools have reduced but not eliminated this gap. The(More)
Programmable logic controller (PLC) software is a critical component of a large number and wide variety of automated machines and plants. In spite of its industrial relevance, its current development practice presents heavy drawbacks that result in poor quality, low reuse rate and other problems. The paper is aimed at presenting a design and development(More)
It is the aim of this paper to present a model conceived for supporting the initial, critical phases of PLC software life cycle, namely requirement specification, requirement analysis and software design, to obtain reusable code. The model, named EASIER, is based on an object-oriented paradigm where the message-method mechanism is replaced by the law and(More)