Paola Campli

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Forming coalition structures allows agents to join their forces with the aim to achieve a common task. We suggest it would be interesting to look for homogeneous groups which follow distinct <i>lines of thought</i>. For this reason, we extend the Dung Argumentation Framework in order to deal with coalitions of arguments. The initial set of arguments is(More)
We present a fine-grained security model to enforce the access control on the constraint store in Concurrent Constraint Programming (CCP) languages. We show the model for a nonmonotonic version of Soft CCP (SCCP), that is an extension of CCP which deals with soft constraints, which are constraints that have a preference level associated to them. In the(More)
In this paper a general framework (based on soft constraints) to model and solve the fair allocation problem is proposed. Our formal approach allows to model different allocation problems, ranging from goods and resources allocation to task and chore division. Soft constraints are employed to find a fair solution by respecting the agents’s preferences;(More)
Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) are component-based architectures, characterized by reusability, modularization and composition, usually offered by HTTP (web services) and often equipped with a Quality of Services (QoS) measure. In order to guarantee the fairness property to each client requesting a service, we propose a fair version of the (Soft)(More)
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