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The study compares the ability of the PSI (pneumonia severity index), CURB-65 (confusion, urea >7 mol·L(-1), respiratory rate ≥ 30 breaths·min(-1), blood pressure <90 mmHg systolic or ≤ 60 mmHg diastolic, and age ≥ 65 yrs), CURB and CRB-65 scales and the Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia (SCAP) score to predict 30-day mortality in healthcare-associated(More)
Neutrophils are known to be targets for the biological activity of tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Therefore, these cells may be among the targets of anti-TNF-alpha therapy. In this study we evaluated the effect of therapy with adalimumab (a fully human anti-TNF-alpha mAb; dosage: 40 mg subcutaneously(More)
OBJECTIVE Cigarette smoking is associated with reduced pulmonary function and increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease. This randomized placebo-controlled double-blind study evaluated the effects of two different combinations of mixed fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrate (Juice Plus+, NSA, Collierville, TN) on heavy smokers. METHODS At(More)
We studied Leu 7+ cell distribution and natural killer (NK) activity in the peripheral blood of six patients who had peripheral neuropathy and monoclonal IgM protein directed against myelin-associated glycoprotein (anti-MAG IgM). We did not find any difference between patients and control subjects (healthy or polyneuropathic, some with IgM monoclonal(More)
HLA phenotype distribution was investigated in 91 affective patients. Significant increases over those of the control population were found in HLA-A 29 and in Bw 22 frequencies, while A 10 and A 30 were decreased. No significant difference was shown between the two clinical subgroups (41 unipolar patients and 50 bipolar ones). On comparing our data with(More)
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