Paola Benincà

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In this paper we present the results of a project, named ASIt, which provides linguists with a crucial test bed for formal hypotheses concerning human language. In particular, ASIt aims to capture cross-linguistic variants of grammatical structures within a sample of about 200 Italian Dialects. Since dialects are rarely recognized as official languages,(More)
Null vs. overt pronouns and the Topic-Focus articulation in Spanish 171 M. Elena Favilla, Interazione fra via lessicale e via fonologica nel modello a doppio accesso: dati ricavati da un test di " cor-rezione di bozze " 223 Virginia Hill, Complementizer Phrases (CP) in Romanian 249 Lars Johanson, Do languages die of 'structuritis'? On the role of(More)
The present study is the first neuropsychological investigation into the problem of the mental representation and processing of irreversible binomials (IBs), i.e., word pairs linked by a conjunction (e.g., "hit and run," "dead or alive"). In order to test their lexical status, the phenomenon of neglect dyslexia is explored. People with left-sided neglect(More)
prive di motivazione fonologica e/o semantica, che solo risponde a requisiti generali di coerenza strutturale all " interno del paradigma. 1 L " obiettivo di questo lavoro è appunto quello di mostrare l " esistenza di tale componente morfologica autonoma (morfomica) in relazione alle forme del presente indicativo. A tal fine l " attenzione si concentrerà(More)
0. Introduction Based on a subtle interpretive difference between semantically related pairs of locative prepositional phrases in Romance, I argue that space, much like entities and events, are linguistically conceptualizable as either bounded or unbounded. This work follows up on Tortora (2005) (which began to look at this phenomenon in Italian) by(More)
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