Paola Allamano

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Abstract: Rainfall intensity estimation from weather radar is still significantly uncertain, due to local anomalies, radar beam attenuation, inappropriate calibration of the radar reflectivity factor (Z) to rainfall rate (R) relationship, and sampling errors. The aim of this work is to revise the use of the power-law equation commonly adopted to relate(More)
To simulate the runoff process at short-term aggregation scale (typically one day) the shot noise model has gained considerable reputation. In this paper, the model developed by Murrone et al. (1997) is taken as a notable example of physically-consistent framework to discuss the different aspects related to the building and estimation of a stochastic tool(More)
The current trade of agricultural goods, with connections involving all continents, entails for global exchanges of "virtual" water, i.e. water used in the production process of alimentary products, but not contained within. Each trade link translates into a corresponding virtual water trade, allowing quantification of import and export fluxes of virtual(More)
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