Paola Agnese Mauri

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OBJECTIVES to explore Italian mothers' perception of latching difficulty in the first days postpartum. Latching difficulty is the only qualitative item included in the Breastfeeding Assessment Score (BAS) that has proven to be a valid instrument to identify women at risk of early breast-feeding cessation. DESIGN AND SETTING a phenomenologic-hermeneutic(More)
AIM AND OBJECTIVE To assess the accuracy of a reduced Breastfeeding Assessment Score in a group of Italian women; the reduced Breastfeeding Assessment Score considers only five of the eight original Breastfeeding Assessment Score items studied, those not indicating a pathology. BACKGROUND The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding(More)
A methodological approach for the design of socio-technical systems requires the analysis of the identity of the organizations and of the characteristics of the design process. The paper proposes to use the concepts of stakeholder and social behavior to describe the social identity of organizations and to merge studies and practices in the fields of(More)
The methodological topics proposed by Process Analysis, Social Behavior, Socio-technical perspective are often applied in my practitioner activities. Two experiences are presented. The first experience is running in government-owned company. The aim of the project is to develop a management system in conformity with the requirements of an international(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to provide insight into the experiences of nurses and midwives working in the Italian abortion service. METHODS Study participants were recruited through purposive sampling. Semi-structured interviews were conducted between July and September 2016, among 22 nurses and two midwives working in five abortion services in(More)
INTRODUCTION In order to obtain information about the relationship between sleep disturbances and sperm parameters, we analyzed data from a study conducted in a Italian Fertility Clinic, in men of couples seeking help for infertility. PATIENTS AND METHODS Male partners with or without a medical history of reproductive organ diseases (cryptorchidism,(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have revealed conflicting results for the Breastfeeding Assessment Score (BAS) in predicting early breastfeeding cessation. Our objective was to externally validate the BAS and provide summary accuracy estimates for this clinical prediction model. METHODS We used the original data from a prospective cohort study. Additional(More)
In this phenomenological-hermeneutic study, we explored how midwives perceive the burden of care, while assisting termination of pregnancy after 16 weeks' gestation. Between February and April 2013, 17 Italian midwives from three different units were interviewed. Data were collected using semistructured interviews. Four themes emerged from the interviews:(More)