Paola A. González

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Next-generation transportation surveys will utilize Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to collect trip data. Due to their ubiquity, GPS-enabled mobile devices are becoming promising for use as survey tools. TRAC-IT is a mobile phone application that records travel behavior by collecting real-time GPS data and requiring minimal input from the user for data(More)
This study formulates and empirically tests a theoretical model involving factors in the use of mobile devices for knowledge sharing in hospitals. The research model is derived from two important studies, Kankanhalli et al.’s (2005a, 2005b) studies on electronic knowledge repositories, and is adapted to the healthcare context. We conduct an exploratory case(More)
Mobile communication technology is emerging as an area of major importance in healthcare. By enabling ubiquitous real-time access to patient information and state-of-the-art medical knowledge, this technology has the potential to support the integration of health records, the practice of evidence-based medicine, and to improve productivity among provider(More)
Wireless technology in healthcare has been associated with communication-related improvements in workflow; however, there are barriers to adoption. This study examined predictors of use of wireless communication devices (WCDs) in environments with unique needs (i.e., intensive care unit [ICU]). Nurses were recruited in the ICU to complete a paper(More)
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