Panupat Poocharoen

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In this paper we propose a partial network coding with cooperation (PNC-COOP) scheme that mitigates error propagation due to channel imperfections and achieves acceptable throughput in wireless ad hoc networks. It combines opportunistic network coding with decode-and-forward cooperative diversity. The proposed PNC-COOP is a decentralized strategy which(More)
Noise signals can be equivalently represented in either the frequency domain or the time domain. The representation or modeling in the frequency domain gives the mean square noise current of a transistor as a function of frequency. The representation or modeling of the RTS or l/f noise of nanoscale devices that is easiest to understand is that done in the(More)
While fully opportunistic network coding is one of the pioneer works to successfully implement network coding in wireless networks, the analytical model of its performance is still not well understood. In particular, the end-to-end average bit error rate of the scheme is still unclear due to the complexity of the scheme. In this paper we provide a(More)
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