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Tn5252 is a promiscuous streptococcal element capable of madiating horizontal spread of multiple antibiotic resistance. To begin understanding the functional role of a transfer-related region in Tn5252, its nucleotide sequence was determined. Sequence of this 3. 3-kb DNA segment revealed the presence of six open reading frames. The predicted amino acid(More)
Most of the process systems exhibits non-linear behaviour, so conventional controllers are not able to provide accurate data. At present, various soft computing techniques are used to overcome imprecision and uncertainty effects of conventional controllers. Various soft computing techniques like fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization(More)
In an attempt to increase our understanding of the mechanisms of conjugal transposition among gram-positive bacteria, we analyzed the genetic and structural properties of a 1.2-kb DNA fragment at the left end of the streptococcal conjugative transposon Tn5252. The sequence data revealed four short open reading frames. Polypeptides likely to correspond to(More)
The data reliability has become an important issue in most communication and storage systems for high speed operation and mass data process. Various error correction code are provided for improving data reliability. A Reed-Solomon code is quite suitable for burst errors, but in case of random errors, it has some difficulty. For MLC NAND flash memories,(More)
question By Example (QBE) permits the tip user specify associate example as input for the search mechanism. With reference to digital image process, CBIR (Content based mostly Image Retrieval) lets users specify associate example image and retrieve pictures that match the options of given image. This development is understood as CBIR and therefore the main(More)
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