Panuchart Bunyakiati

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Official statistics can be disseminated via different media including the Internet, paper publications, CD-ROM, fax, public speeches, and press releases. Dissemination formats such as HTML pages, PDF documents, and Excel sheets are widely used by national and international statistics agencies in releasing their data. However, with the recent worldwide(More)
In ICSE'08 we demonstrated the Java UML Lightweight Enumerator (JULE) tool, which supports compliance test generation from modeling standards specifications. When employed in our framework for software tool certification, JULE provides a powerful technology to enumerate a set of test cases that exhaustively test a modeling tool. JULE avoids combinatorial(More)
Software development standards such as the UML provide complex modeling languages for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of software systems. Software tools support the production of these artifacts according to the model elements, relationships, well-formedness rules and semantics defined in the standards. Due to the(More)
The Java-UML Lightweight Enumerator (JULE) tool implements a vitally important aspect of the framework for software tool certification - test suite generation. The framework uses UML models as the test inputs for the bounded exhaustive-testing approach. Within a size bound for the metamodel types, JULE enumerates only the set of non-isomorphic models in the(More)
The ACM and IEEE Computer Society have created curriculum guidelines in several computing disciplines, one of which is the SE2014 (Software Engineering 2014). The aim of this work is to support the conformity checking of software engineering degree curricula with respect to this curriculum guidelines. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Object(More)
Software engineering methodology such as Agile, establishes the governance of software development. Over the years, a number of Agile practices have been invented. These practices are built on the same Agile principles but emphasise on different rationales and values, and thus associated with various approaches, activities and artefacts. Given this variety,(More)
This paper presents Tartarian, a tool that supports maintenance of software with long-running, multi-release branches in distributed version control systems. When new maintenance code, such as bug fixes and code improvement, is committed into a branch, it is likely that such code can be applied or reused with some other branches. To do so, a developer may(More)
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