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Large-scale wireless metro-mesh networks consisting of hundreds of routers and thousands of clients suffer from a plethora of performance problems. The sheer scale of such networks, the abundance of performance metrics, and the absence of effective tools can quickly overwhelm a network operators' ability to diagnose these problems. As a solution, we present(More)
Analyzing high-resolution images of astrocytes is important in understanding the diseases, such as glaucoma and retinal detachment, to which astrocytes are known to become re-active. This is challenging because the cells are small, homogeneous , and closely packed. We propose an interactive visualization system designed for such images. Our system employs a(More)
MOTIVATION In addition to being involved in retinal vascular growth, astrocytes play an important role in diseases and injuries, such as glaucomatous neuro-degeneration and retinal detachment. Studying astrocytes, their morphological cell characteristics and their spatial relationships to the surrounding vasculature in the retina may elucidate their role in(More)
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