Panu M. Åkerman

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It is expected that projector phones and pico projectors will be very widespread in a few years. This paper reports a formative field study in which we analyzed over a period of three days what people think about such devices, what they would use them for and how they react when seeing others using them. We report our findings regarding the usage of project(More)
Context-awareness is one of the rising trends of future mobile technology, and due to advances in technology development, new application and service concepts are being developed and demonstrated in an ever-increasing manner. This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners working on humancomputer interaction (HCI) aspects of context-aware(More)
We describe an in-the-wild experiment with non-verbal ad-hoc communication between strangers. We connected two night clubs via two interactive tables that allowed people at each end interact via shared drawings, pre-made symbols and actions. We interviewed 50 and observed approximately 200 participants. In local interaction, collaboration was the preferred(More)
In this paper we explore the use of Prochinima, a mobile and ubiquitous storytelling tool concept utilizing small projectors and ready-made animations. We tested Prochinima in a field trial, where 6--10 year old children were using the system and creating stories, as well as capturing the stories on video. In addition to analyzing Prochinima's ability to(More)
Projector-enabled mobile devices and handheld projectors will provide new possibilities for ubiquitous and mobile multimedia by creating novel interaction methods and use cases. In this paper, we introduce our Burn-to-Share concept, which is a novel system for sharing pictorial content on public surfaces with mobile projectors. Contrary to earlier methods(More)
In this paper, we present an interactive installation consisting of a 3 m wide × 1.4 m high touch sensitive wall of ice, which was set up as an indoor installation during a music festival. During a one night in-the-wild study, the audience could draw on the back-projected icewall, either directly using it as a touch screen, or remotely via a mobile(More)
In this paper we study pico projector based storytelling among adolescents. We compare the results of our user study of 17 students to the results of our earlier study among young children. Our main focus was on creativity, playfulness and fun as well as on the ubiquitous nature of the technology and use of environment. The comparison highlighted(More)
OBJECTIVE Transport, the way we travel and our ability to access amenities, is an important determinant of health. A survey was conducted to: (1) identify past and present joint working arrangements between transport authorities and health authorities; (2) understand the role and impact of transport themes in health improvement programmes (HIMPs) and health(More)
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