Pantina Phillips

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BACKGROUND There is little evidence contributing to the understanding of why people with schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses use drugs and alcohol. METHOD A comprehensive literature search for evidence relevant to each of the following questions was undertaken, each of which is relevant to understanding why individuals with schizophrenia and other(More)
BACKGROUND Early psychodynamic writing on same-gender sexual preference contributed to its pathologisation and an interest in treatment directed at changing sexual orientation. AIMS To establish the therapeutic approaches taken by contemporary psychotherapists and psychoanalysts to gay and lesbian clients/patients. METHOD A random sample of individuals(More)
We used qualitative research methods to examine the core issues relating to the approaches of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapists to gay and lesbian patients and clients. The paper begins with a review of the psychoanalytic approaches to gay and lesbian sexuality and continues with material of a clinical nature, providing information about the(More)
  • P Phillips
  • 2000
The literature concerning the associations between violence, mental disorder, comorbidity and substance misuse are discussed in this review, which focuses on the findings of several international studies that demonstrate significantly higher rates of violence in substance misuse and dual diagnosis (when compared with 'single' diagnosis groups). The need for(More)
A pragmatic approach to those with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and problem drug use accepts that drug and alcohol use is firmly established in this population, and aims to minimise and reduce any harms associated with using. However, it is evident that we know little about drug using practices and knowledge among this group in order to effect such an(More)
The revised Philosophies of Human Nature scale was presented to 94 females and 94 males to develop normative data. There were no significant sex differences in the norms. A questionnaire about sports was presented at the same time to determine relationships between the two scales. Females who claimed frequent sports participation were less likely to have an(More)
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