Pantelis Savvides

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A new lipophilic fluorescein probe (fluor-DHPE) has been identified that can assay lipid peroxidation in mammalian cells on a cell-by-cell or selected-cell-subpopulation basis by flow cytometry. Application of this approach requires that the fluorescent probe be nonexchangeable among cells. Fluorescein is an appropriate fluorophore, since its fluorescence(More)
The novel property of fluorescein to detect peroxyl radicals is demonstrated. On the basis of this observation, a fluorescein-based, flow-cytometric method to directly and continuously detect free radicals generated in cell membranes during lipid peroxidation has been developed. 5- and 6-Carboxyfluorescein (5-/6-CF) free in solution and fluorescein-labeled(More)
Running is essential in all terrestrial animals mainly for finding food and mates and escaping from predators. Lizards employ running in all their everyday functions, among which defense stands out. Besides flight, tail autotomy is another very common antipredatory strategy within most lizard families. The impact of tail loss to sprint performance seems to(More)
Potamon potamios populations have decreased significantly due to the degradation of its habitat caused by human activities, mainly the use of insecticides. Today, P. potamios is protected by Cypriot law, but not much information is known regarding possible effects on the species from interactions with the introduced and invasive freshwater crayfish(More)
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