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OBJECTIVES:Our study sought to compare the efficacy of adrenaline injection in combination with detachable snare versus adrenaline injection alone in the prevention of postpolypectomy bleeding in(More)
BACKGROUND The commonest types of anemia in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are iron deficiency (IDA) and anemia of chronic disease. The differentiation between these two conditions is important for(More)
Intravenous iron has been suggested as a safe and effective treatment of anemia complicating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Low molecular weight (LMW) iron dextran has the ability to administer(More)
INTRODUCTION TNF-alpha is a critical mediator of inflammation with an important role in metabolic profile and insulin resistance. The regulation of these parameters by TNF-alpha in inflammatory bowel(More)
To the Editor: Juvenile polyps are the most common type of polyps encountered in childhood, found approximately, in 1% of the pediatric population [1]. There is a male predominance [1] and the peak(More)