Pantelis M. Papadopoulos

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This work analyzes a case of computer-supported scripted collaboration, focusing on how students' self-organization affected the actual collaboration script during script run-time. Two groups of students studied learning material using a web environment designed for supporting case-based learning. The first group followed a non-scaffolded individual mode of(More)
This study provides field research evidence on the efficiency of a " free-selection " peer review assignment protocol as compared to the typically implemented " assigned-pair " protocol. The study employed 54 sophomore students who were randomly assigned into three groups: Assigned-Pair (AP) (the teacher assigns student works for review to student pairs),(More)
This paper presents the results after four years of running of an instructional method that utilizes free/libre open source software (FLOSS) projects as tools for teaching software engineering in formal education. In the last four academic years, a total of 408 juniors majoring in Informatics (in a 4-year program) participated in the study, assuming the(More)