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The purpose of this experimental study was to determine the hemodynamic conditions of intraperitoneal viscera during pneumoperitoneum by using either CO2 gas or helium (He) for insufflation. In 16 mongrel dogs (divided into a CO2 group and an He group) subjected to 14 mmHg pneumoperitoneum for 60 min, the following parameters were assessed at times before(More)
Anesthesia and surgical trauma are considered major oxidative and nitrosative stress effectors resulting in the development of SIRS. In this study we evaluated the usefulness of early enteral nutrition after surgical trauma. Sixty male Wistar rats were subjected to midline laparotomy and feeding-gastrostomy. Twenty of these rats served as controls after(More)
The purpose of this experimental study was to investigate whether enteral nutrition-induced postprandial intestinal hyperemia has a beneficial effect on the splanchnic ischemia due to sepsis. Fourteen dogs, after exposure to Escherichia coli endotoxin via portal vein administration were grouped according to whether they were fed enterally via a jejunostomy(More)
BACKGROUND Since probiotics are considered to exert beneficial health effects by enhancing the host's immune response, we investigated the benefits of a synbiotics treatment on the rate of infections, systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), severe sepsis, and mortality in critically ill, mechanically ventilated, multiple trauma patients. Length of(More)
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