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—The present article carries out a review of MIMO-based techniques that have been recently proposed for satellite communications. Due to the plethora of MIMO interpretations in terrestrial systems and the particularities of satellite communications , this review is built on two pillars, namely fixed satellite and mobile satellite. Special attention is given(More)
—The high frequency segment (10-66GHz) of the IEEE 802.16 standard seems promising for the implementation of wireless backhaul networks carrying large volumes of Internet traffic. In contrast to wireline backbone networks, where channel errors seldom occur, routing decisions in IEEE 802.16 networks are conditioned by wireless channel impairments rather than(More)
In this work, we study the design of a precoder on the user downlink of a multibeam satellite channel. The variations in channel due to phase noise introduced by on-board oscillators and the long round trip delay result in outdated channel information at the transmitter. The phase uncertainty is modelled and a robust design framework is formulated based on(More)
—A main challenge towards realizing the next generation Terabit/s broadband satellite communications (SatCom) is the limited spectrum available in the Ka band. An attractive solution is to move the feeder link to the higher Q/V band, where more spectrum is available. When utilizing the Q/V band, due to heavy rain attenuation, gateway diversity is considered(More)
Whenever multibeam satellite systems target very aggressive frequency reuse in their coverage area, inter-beam interference becomes the major obstacle for increasing the overall system throughput. As a matter of fact, users located at the beam edges suffer from a very large interference for even a moderately aggressive planning of reuse-2. Although(More)
—Design of high bandwidth and reliable feeder links is central towards provisioning new services on the user link of a multibeam satellite communication (SatCom) system. Towards this, utilization of the Q/V band and an exploitation of multiple gateways (GW) as a transmit diversity measure for overcoming severe propagation effects are being considered. In(More)