Panteleimon Rodis

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Protein crystals isolated from potato tubers were found to consist of a proteinase inhibitor active against the cysteine proteinases papain, chymopapain, and ficin. The molecular weight as determined by gel filtration at pH 4.3 or by gel electrophoresis in the presence of dodecylsulfate was 80 kilodaltons. When the inhibitor was evaluated at pH 8.4 in a(More)
A method for the solubilization and reconstitution of red beet (1,3)-beta-d-glucan synthase with the detergent 3-[(3-cholamidopropyl) dimethylammonio]-1-propane sulfonate (CHAPS) was developed. Glucan synthase was effectively solubilized from microsomal or plasma membranes by 0.6% CHAPS in the presence of EGTA and EDTA. Chelators were found essential for(More)
We present a study on connection errors in networks of linear features and methods of error detection. We model networks with special connection specifications as networks with hierarchically connected features and define errors considering the spatial relationships and the functionality of the network elements. A general definition of the problem of the(More)
The complexation of oleuropein and trans-cinnamic acid with α-, β-, and γ-cyclodextrin has been studied in aqueous model systems by light scaterring. The influence of various parameters (pH, concentration, reaction time, nature of cyclodextrin) has been thoroughly examined. The formation of binary (1:1) inclusion complexes and the higher inclusion ability(More)
A novel enzyme, involved in the degradation of catechin by Calvatia gigantea, was purified 114-fold over the crude extract yielding 24% purified enzyme with a specific activity 16.1 U/mg protein. Two isozymic forms (I and II) were isolated, both exhibiting the same kinetic characteristics with maximum activity at pH 8 and 35°C. SDS electrophoresis of I and(More)
According to E.T. Jaynes and E.P. Wigner, entropy is an anthropomorphic concept in the sense that in a physical system correspond many thermodynamic systems. The physical system can be examined from many points of view each time examining different variables and calculating entropy differently. In this paper we discuss how this concept may be applied in(More)
The topic of this paper is the presentation of a new network model designed for networks consisting of spatial objects. This model allows the development of more advance representations of systems of networked objects and the study of geographical phenomena propagated through networks. The capabilities of the model in simulation of geographical phenomena(More)
Olive oil contains powerful antioxidant compounds which impart stability, contribute to various properties of it, and are valuable from the nutritional point of view. Their extraction with as mild conditions as possible led to its investigation using cyclodextrins as a tool. The inclusion ability of α-, β-, and γ-CD was estimated, and it has been(More)
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