Pansy Arafa

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Program analysis tools are essential for understanding programs, analyzing performance, and optimizing code. Some of these tools use code instrumentation to extract information at runtime. The instrumentation process can alter program behavior such as timing behavior and memory consumption. Time-sensitive programs, however, must meet specific timing(More)
Tracing is a well-established method for debugging programs. Current approaches aim only at preserving functional correctness during the instrumentation. Preservation of functional correctness is a necessary feature of all instrumentation tools. However, few existing instrumentation tools preserve extra-functional properties of a program. Specific classes(More)
Software tracing techniques are well-established and used by instrumentation tools to extract run-time information for program analysis and debugging. Dynamic binary instrumentation as one tool instruments program binaries to extract information. Unfortunately, instrumentation causes perturbation that is unacceptable for time-sensitive applications.(More)
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