Panpan Zhou

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A solid-phase extraction method for the efficient analysis of the excretion-dynamics of flavonoids in urine was established and described. In this work, in situ surface radical chain-transfer polymerization and in situ anion exchange were utilized to tune the extraction performance of poly(1-vinyl-3-hexylimidazolium bromide)-graphene oxide-grafted silica(More)
We report a facile nitrogenation/exfoliation process to prepare hybrid Ni-C-N nanosheets. These nanosheets are <2 nm thin, chemically stable, and metallically conductive. They serve as a robust catalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction in 0.5 M H2SO4, or 1.0 M KOH or 1.0 M PBS (pH = 7). For example, they catalyze the hydrogen evolution reaction in 0.5 M(More)
The synthesis of semiconducting nanoplates (NPs) with defined crystal phase is of particular interest, especially their intriguing properties related to the size, shape, and crystal phase. Herein, a liquid-state transformation process from hexagonal-phase CuS NPs is employed to fabricate the cubic-phase Cu2S NPs. The CuS NPs were converted into Cu2S NPs but(More)
A novel multifunctional peptide fluorescent chemosensor (DP-3) with a lysine backbone and double sides conjugated with histidine and dansyl groups has been designed and synthesized by solid phase synthesis. This chemosensor is a promising analytical tool for detecting Zn(2+), Cu(2+), and S(2-) based on different mechanisms in 100% aqueous solutions, and(More)
Water splitting via the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in producing H2 and O2 is a very important process in the energy field. Developing an efficient catalyst which can be applied to both HER and OER is crucial. Here, a bifunctional catalyst, CFP/NiCo2O4/Co0.57Ni0.43LMOs, has been successfully fabricated. It exhibits(More)
A novel metal-organic framework (MOF) was fabricated by spontaneous K(+)-induced supramolecular self-assembly with the embedded tripodal ligand units. When the 3D ligand was loaded onto Fe3O4@mSiO2 core-shell nanoparticles, it could effectively separate K(+) ions from a mixture of Na(+), K(+), Mg(2+), and Ca(2+) ions through nanoparticle-assisted MOF(More)
How to accurately predict electronic properties of a Columbic system with the electron density obtained from experiments such as X-ray crystallography is still an unresolved problem. The information-theoretic approach recently developed in the framework of density functional reactivity theory is one of the efforts to address the issue. In this work, using(More)
In this paper, the mesoporous TiO2 with different concentration of CdS quantum dots (i.e., x% CdS/TiO2) was successfully fabricated by the sol-gel method. The composition, structure and morphology of the nanocomposites were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), UV-vis diffuse(More)
The Bonferroni mean (BM) had been generalized for its capacity to capture the interrelationship between input arguments. In order to obtain much more information in the process of group decision making, especially in the cases that the relationships between the fused data are considered, this paper combines the power average operator with the intuitionistic(More)