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In service-oriented software development, configuring and composing software services for users according to their personalized requirements become increasingly important. In our previous work, we have proposed a meta-model framework to describe personalized requirements involving domain-related services, based on which we can create domain models to be(More)
This study proposed a new and previously unconsidered reaction mechanism in the activation of peroxymonosulfate. We report that singlet oxygen (1O2) rather than ˙OH or SO4˙- was the dominant reactive oxygen species towards the efficient degradation of ofloxacin and phenol, demonstrating a promising application in real wastewater treatment.
—Service recommendation becomes an increasingly important issue when more and more Web services are published on the Internet. Existing Web service recommendation approaches based on collaborative filtering (CF) seldom consider recommending services based on users' ratings on services since such kind of explicit feedback is difficult to collect. In(More)
The first example of the synthesis of m-alkylphenols via a ruthenium-catalyzed CAr-H bond functionalization of phenol derivatives with sec/tert-alkyl bromides is reported. Mechanistic studies indicated that the m-CAr-H bond alkylation may involve a radical process and that a six-membered ruthenacycle complex was the active catalyst. Moreover, this approach(More)
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