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Hybrid renewable energy systems are expected to become competitive to conventional power generation systems in the near future and, thus, optimization of their operation is of particular interest. In this work, a hybrid power generation system is studied consisting of the following main components: photovoltaic array (PV), electrolyser, metal hydride tanks,(More)
In this paper, we evaluate an implicit approach for the automatic detection of broad phonemic class boundaries of continuous speech signals. The reported method is consisted of the prior segmentation of speech signal into pitch-synchronous segments, using pitchmark locations, for the computation of adjacent broad phonemic class boundaries. The approach's(More)
This paper investigates the use of tracking techniques successfully applied to aircraft tracking and navigation to segment possibly overlapping speech of multiple static speakers in an enclosure. The tracking technique applied, namely the probabilistic data association (PDA) in conjunction with the interacting multiple model (IMM) estimator directly(More)
It is recommended that when injection-thermoplasticized gutta-percha is used as the obturation technique, the root canal space should be prepared in such a way that the 23-gauge injection needle tip can be placed at a distance 3 to 5 mm short of the working length. In this study the apical seal and extent of gutta-percha were evaluated when the 23-gauge tip(More)
On permanent premolars of 9 puppies (three groups of 45 days, 3 and 4 months old) the neural plexus was studied, using the Alcian blue/PAS and Bielschowsky staining techniques. Nerve fibres were observed on the 45 days group, directed to the odontoblastic layer, as well as fine nerve bundles, parallel to the vessels. On the 3-months group nerve fibres were(More)
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