Panos Periorellis

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The Internet of Things and Services is a rapidly growing concept that illustrates that the ever increasing amount of physical items of our daily life which become addressable through a network could be made more easily manageable and usable through the use of Services. This surge of exposed resources along with the level of privacy and value of the(More)
This paper shows how modern structuring techniques can be employed in integrating complex web applications such as Travel Agency systems. The main challenges the developers of such systems face are dealing with legacy web services and incorporating means for tolerating errors. Because of the very nature of such systems, exception handling is the main(More)
Currently, business requirements for rapid operational efficiency, customer responsiveness as well as rapid adaptability are driving the need for ever increasing communication and integration capabilities of the software assets. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), which is the process of integrating enterprise systems with existing applications and in(More)
We present a model based approach to describing, analysing and validating access control policies. Access control policies are described using VDM-a model oriented formal method. Policy descriptions are concise and may be easily manipulated. The structure of the VDM description is derived from the OASIS standard access control policy language XACML. It is(More)
Network-enabled dynamic collaborations between businesses are increasingly common, and can evolve rapidly. We propose a formal approach to maintaining information security during evolution, while enabling participants to evolve their access control policies with the coalition. Abstract Network-enabled dynamic collaborations between businesses are(More)
The principal aim of the GOLD project (Grid-based Information Models to Support the Rapid Innovation of New High Value-Added Chemicals) is to carry out research into enabling technology to support the formation, operation and termination of Virtual Organisations (VOs). This technology has been implemented in the form of a set of middleware components, which(More)
A fundamental ambition of Grid and distributed systems is to be capable of sustaining evolution and allowing for adaptability [1, 2]. Furthermore, as the complexity and sophistication of theses structures increases, so does the need for adaptability of each component. One of the primary benefits of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the ability to(More)
gold architecture 1-0 ii Executive Summary This document is intended to identify and analyse a software architecture to support the formation, operation and termination of a Virtual Organisation. As Virtual Organisations are characterised by the dynamic behaviour that they exhibit, it is necessary to provide a means of adding and removing members and(More)