Panos J Photinos

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This book describes in detail various experimental techniques used in the study of liquid crystals. It will be indispensable for established workers in the field as well as students embarking on liquid crystal research. Each chapter in the book is dedicated to an important experimental technique used in the study and characterisation of liquid crystalline(More)
Using rapid NMR velocimetry we demonstrate the existence of shear band fluctuations in the Couette flow of the wormlike micelle system, 10% w/v cetylpyridinium chloride and sodium salicylate (molar ratio 2:1) in 0.5 M 2H2O NaCl brine. We show that the fluctuations may be either quasirandom or periodic, the fluctuation spectrum being similar to that observed(More)
Our prediction that phase II of dipotassium hydrogen chromatoarsenate, K(2)[HCr(2)AsO(10)], is ferroelectric, based on the analysis of the atomic coordinates by Averbuch-Pouchot, Durif & Guitel [Acta Cryst. (1978), B34, 3725-3727], led to an independent redetermination of the structure using two separate crystals. The resulting improved accuracy allows the(More)
Crystals of phase II K2Cr2O7, potassium dichromate, space group P1 , grown from aqueous solution undergo a first-order transition to phase I, space group reportedly P21/n, at a phase-transition temperature, TPT, of 544 (2) K on first heating; the corresponding transition on cooling is at 502 (2) K. The endotherm on subsequent heatings occurs reproducibly at(More)
Shear banding in the cetylpyridinium chloride/sodium salicylate micellar system is investigated using electrical conductivity measurements parallel to the velocity and parallel to the vorticity in a cylindrical Couette cell. The measurements show that the conductivity parallel to the velocity (vorticity) increases (decreases) monotonically with applied(More)
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