Panos E. Papamichalis

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The computation of cyclic convolutions in Galois fields is<lb>an integral part of coding theory and formulation as well as of many<lb>signal<lb>processing<lb>applications. In this paper, we introduce a method<lb>for the computation of such convolutiQns that minimizes, in theory,<lb>the computational<lb>complexity of the<lb>algorithm. We(More)
The total-variation (TV) regularization is very popular because of its ability to deal with noise while preserving important image features. This paper proposes a novel TV-based algorithm which can be applied to many inverse problems such as image de-convolution and super-resolution. The idea is to break the cost function into two parts: a linear part and a(More)
The Super-Resolution (SR) image reconstruction is a computational technique that improves the resolution of an image system. In this paper we propose a new method for multi-image SR reconstruction, which is capable of producing sharper images with clearer image details. A two-step method is used. The first step is conventional SR image reconstruction. From(More)
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