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Due to simpler protocol operations, e.g. no synchronization and higher tolerance to node capture attack compared to symmetric key-based approaches, public key-based (PKC) approaches have gained popularity in wireless sensor network (WSN) broadcast authentication. With PKC's security strength, a sensor node that authenticates messages before forwarding them(More)
FutureGrid provides unique capabilities that enable researchers to deploy customized environments for their experiments in grid and cloud computing, and educators to deploy customized virtual private clusters for hands-on activities. A key enabling technology for this is virtualization and the provisioning of Infrastructure-asa-Service (IaaS) through cloud(More)
Broadcast authentication mechanisms are essential to cyber-physical systems that communicate through wireless links such as wireless sensor networks (WSN) and body area network (BAN). Even though symmetric key-based authentication schemes are more prevalent among these systems, public key-based digital signature schemes have started to gain ground; notably,(More)
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