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In vitro cytotoxicity on human rhinopharynx KB cells, as well as hemolytic activity on human erythrocytes, was produced by an aqueous extract of the sponge Pachymatisma johnstonii. Optimum temperature and pH were the same for both activities (37 degrees C, pH 5). Moreover, after partial purification, the compounds involved were found in the same(More)
Adenine mononucleotides of transulucent and white parts in the adductor muscle of Japanese oyster are identified and measured after the separation on PEI-cellulose column. The studies are performed on oysters kept in aerated sea water aquarium. Results obtained for both tissues are compared each other and with the literature data.
Electrostatic Precipitators is the device used for removal of dust from boiler process gases. Various factors affect the effectiveness of this device. One of them is regular cleaning of the collecting electrodes. The dust removal takes place due to vibrations of collecting electrodes. Further, in time bound project development, it becomes very difficult to(More)
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