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A novel mosaic technique based on Strip Search Algorithm is proposed that improves non-linearity, accuracy and vertical distortions possibly found in mosaic image. Strip Search Algorithm based on novel measure of RelativeSum of the Squared Difference (R-SSD) is proposed to search particular strip of frame within its specified portion and it is used for(More)
A series of novel and stable water in oil (W/O) gel-emulsions was created by utilizing a new cholesteryl derivative, a low-molecular mass gelator (LMMGs), as a stabilizer. In the emulsions, n-heptane, n-octane, n-nonane, n-decane, tertiary butyl methacrylate (t-BMA), methyl methacrylate (MMA), or styrene can be used as a continuous phase, water as a(More)
According to the localization of template choice during color image matching, an improved image mosaic method is proposed in this paper. Based on the result of edge detection, the method choose an effective character template automatically from one image, and then search a best matching point in another image, so as to realize matching calculation between(More)
High quality dense disparity map building was an important topic in diverse stereo vision research and applications. In practice, the textureless regions were always existed in both indoor and outdoor environment, and still not be well done for stereo vision system always with some drawbacks areas in dense disparity map. For more widely usability of various(More)
Blur trajectory estimation is the core problem in motion blurring restoring from a single image. Normalized blind deconvolution and Shock filter were employed to estimate the blur trajectory more accurately by image details enhancement and steady state solution of non-monolithic local minimum. To reduce disturbance of noises and patch textures, the(More)
With ever-increasing need for thin, flexible, and functional materials in electrochemical systems, various techniques have been explored for creating materials used in fuel cells, batteries, electrochromic devices, solar cells, and sensors. In the present study, a novel ferrocene (Fc) and cholesterol (Chol)-containing oligomer, oligo(FcDC-co-CholDEA), was(More)
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