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In this paper, we propose a robust compressive sampling approach for wideband spectrum sensing in cognitive radios in the presence of non-Gaussian noise. Wideband cognitive radios can be subjected to heterogeneous spectral activities from various sources rendering the resultant noise non- Gaussian. While conventional detectors (e.g. least-squares estimates)(More)
In this paper, various aspects of a color-space-based visible-light communication (VLC) system design are explored, including feasible light color spaces, potential constellation diagrams, data-to-light intensity mapping, and light intensity-to-data demapping. After describing the proposed VLC system and parameters essential for a color-space-based VLC(More)
Communication networks in the smart grids play an important role in the reliability of power delivery. When power grid is stressed as a result of failures due to natural disasters and attacks (e.g., High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse (HEMP) and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's)), successive interdependent failures may propagate within and across these(More)
Various cyber-physical infrastructures such as communication networks and power grids are known to be vulnerable to large-scale stressors ranging from natural disasters to intentional attacks such as those effected by weapons of mass destruction and high-altitude electromagnetic pulses. The stresses instigated by these events can cause damage to critical(More)
This paper presents efficient motion detection of mobile node (MN) based on weighted momentum of received signal strength (WMRSS) in support of better handoff management in wireless network. In this method, for making momentum of received signal strength (MRSS) more accurate in detecting motion of MN, weight is applied to the received signal strength (RSS)(More)
Various large-scale failures and attacks (e.g., natural disasters, high-altitude electromagnetic pulses (HEMPs), weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), etc.) can instigate initial failures of critical network components (e.g., router, generator) in a cyber-physical infrastructure. In addition, the intra-dependency among various components inside a(More)
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