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Use case based approaches for software requirement analysis have been used extensively in software development industry to capture functional and behavioral requirements. But use-case based techniques for requirement analysis has not been found to be much effective and supportive enough for capturing non-functional requirements such as safety requirements.(More)
Signals acquired through any modern sensors suffer from variety of noises resulting from stochastic variations and deterministic distortions or shading. Hence it is desired to smooth the noisy signal to obtain a signal with higher quality. The paper proposed a neural network based adaptive noise cancellation technique for a system with multichannel(More)
Wireless Broadband Access service is now a day's more popular for data transmission. Traditional high-speed broadband solutions rely upon wired technologies specifically digital subscriber line (DSL). Wi-Fi is helpful in providing any type of connectivity such as the fixed or portable connectivity while not the need of LoS (Line of Sight) of the base(More)
Recent trends have indicated the increased use of object oriented technology not only for the design and development of traditional softare but also for safety critical software. There has been an ongoing effort for the application of traditional well documiented and well tested hardware safety and reliability analysis techniques to software. Software(More)
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