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Jet lag has potentially serious deleterious effects on performance in athletes following transmeridian travel, where time zones are crossed eastwards or westwards; as such, travel causes specific effects related to desynchronization of the athlete's internal body clock or circadian clock. Athletes are particularly sensitive to the effects of jet lag, as(More)
The aim of this work is to review current knowledge relating the established cancer hallmark, sustained cell proliferation to the existence of chemicals present as low dose mixtures in the environment. Normal cell proliferation is under tight control, i.e. cells respond to a signal to proliferate, and although most cells continue to proliferate into adult(More)
To enable continuous monitoring of electrochemical sensors outside the laboratories, there is a significant demand on electrochemical measurement systems to be miniaturized. The paper presents a low-cost, portable miniature device for electrochemical measurements. The device consists of a 35mm × 20mm × 25mm wireless tag, which enables(More)
Polypyrrole (PPy) is a conjugated polymer that displays particular electronic properties including conductivity. In biomedical applications, it is usually electrochemically generated with the incorporation of any anionic species including also negatively charged biological macromolecules such as proteins and polysaccharides to give composite materials. In(More)
The surface is of critical importance in determining the in vivo performance and acceptance of an implant, with respect to both tissue and blood. Material surface properties have been studied intensively, but only in recent years have quantitative, mechanistic links been made to biomolecular and cellular interactions driven by the surface. This review(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare acid-base balance, lactate concentration, and haemodynamic and O2 transport variables during haemofiltration with replacement fluid containing 44.5 mmol/l Na+ lactate or 40 mmol/l Na+ HCO3- and 3 mmol/l lactic acid. DESIGN A prospective, randomized trial. SETTING A multidisciplinary, adult intensive care unit in a university(More)
Rapid biochemical testing can expedite therapy i n key patient categories, particularly intensive care. Dry reagent chemistries have gone some way t o s a t i s f y i n g some of t h e s e requirements. However, chemical a n d b i o s e n s o r s o f f e r t h e p r o s p e c t s f o r more r o b u s t a n d operationally simpler near-patient analysers(More)
The oxidation mechanism and adsorption of inosine 5'-monophosphate and hypoxanthine were investigated in solutions of different pH using voltammetric and impedance methods at glassy carbon electrodes. For both compounds, the pH dependence from differential pulse voltammetry showed that the same number of electrons and protons are involved in the(More)