Pankaj Vadgama

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Silver-particle-incorporated polyurethane films were evaluated for antimicrobial activity towards two different bacteria: Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus). Distributed silver particles sourced from silver nitrate, silver lactate and preformed silver nanoparticles were mixed with polyurethane (PU) and variously characterized(More)
This work presents the design, fabrication, and characterization of a robust 3D printed microfluidic analysis system that integrates with FDA-approved clinical microdialysis probes for continuous monitoring of human tissue metabolite levels. The microfluidic device incorporates removable needle type integrated biosensors for glucose and lactate, which are(More)
— To enable continuous monitor ing of electr ochemical sensor s outside the labor ator ies, ther e is a significant demand on electr ochemical measur ement systems to be miniatur ized. The paper pr esents a low-cost, por table miniatur e device for electr ochemical measur ements. The device consists of a 35mm x 20mm x 25mm wir eless tag, which enables(More)
Analytical expressions for solute diffusion through a membrane barrier for different initial and boundary conditions are available in the literature. The three commonest initial and boundary conditions are for a membrane without solute respectively immersed in a solution of constant concentration, immersed in such a solution for one side but with the other(More)
Selectivity studies were carried out on bis-dialkyl phosphate and neutral carrier sensors available with the Orion SS-20 Calcium Analyser. Neutral carrier sensors showed better selectivity; changes of H+, Na+, K+ and Mg2+ within the physiological range produced no significant error in Ca2+ measurement. The Nicolsky equation, used as the basis of these(More)
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