Pankaj Singh Parihar

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BACKGROUND The bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine renders protection against tuberculosis in childhood but not in adulthood. This may be due to its failure to induce long-lasting memory T cells. T cell memory is dependent on crucial cytokine signals during the priming phases. Therefore, coadministering the BCG vaccine with cytokines may improve its(More)
BCG has been administered globally for more than 75 years, yet tuberculosis (TB) continues to kill more than 2 million people annually. Further, BCG protects childhood TB but is quite inefficient in adults. This indicates that BCG fails to induce long-term protection. Hence there is a need to explore alternative vaccination strategies that can stimulate(More)
One of the main reasons considered for BCG failure in tuberculosis-endemic areas is impediment by environmental mycobacteria in its processing and generation of memory T-cell response. To overcome this problem, we developed a unique lipopeptide (L91) by linking the promiscuous peptide (sequence 91-110) of 16 kDa antigen of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to(More)
Since CD8+ T cell response is crucial to combat intracellular infections and cancer, identification of class I HLA binding peptides is of immense clinical value. The experimental identification of such peptides is protracted and laborious. Exploiting in silico tools to discover such peptides is an attractive alternative. However, this approach needs a(More)
The present study describes a novel and simple vaccination strategy that involve culturing of M. tuberculosis in the macrophage cells. Isolation of phagosome from macrophage (cell line J774) infected with M. tuberculosis (H37) and M. bovis (BCG) at early and late phase of infection was done ensuing the identification and characterization of these phagosome.(More)
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN) is an integral broadband wireless network who provides high bandwidth internet service to users. It is kind of multi-hop networks having many to many connections with the capability of dynamic sanify network topology. WMN’s utility network performance can cause a massive fall. Channel your physical security vulnerabilities, due(More)
In computing and telecommunications, a protocol or communications protocol is a formal description of message formats and the rules for exchanging those messages. Protocols may include signaling, authentication and error detection and correction capabilities. In its simplest form, a protocol can be defined as the rules governing the syntax, semantics, and(More)
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