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PedaBot is a new discussion scaffolding application designed to aid student knowledge acquisition, promote reflection about course topics and encourage student participation in discussions. It dynamically processes student discussions and presents related discussions from a knowledge base of past discussions. This paper describes the system and presents a(More)
The effect of the fatty acid content of the diet on that of adipose tissue was studied in 5 newborn infants studied prior to feeding and 30 infants fed ad libitum from birth with either human milk or a commercial formula as the sole nutrient. Significant positive linear correlations of dietary intake on adipose tissue content of fatty acids were found for(More)
Scientific correspondence nosis but we do not have any doubts about the diagnosis because more then 10ϫ10 9 /L cells expressed CD5, CD19, CD20 and CD22 (Figure 1). The concomitant presentation of AML and CLL is extremely rare and the use of two-color flow cytom-etry to differentiate the cell populations demonstrates the utility of this technology in the(More)
Bacterial meningitis is a dreadful infectious disease with a high mortality and morbidity if remained undiagnosed. Traditional diagnostic methods for bacterial meningitis pose a challenge in accurate identification of pathogen, making prognosis difficult. The present study is therefore aimed to design and evaluate a specific and sensitive nested 16S rDNA(More)
Purpose of the study HIV-1-infected inmates have an increased prevalence of some particular comorbidities. However, the cardiovascu-lar risk(CVR) of this population has rarely been evaluated. Methods Cross-sectional study carried out among 216 male HIV-1 patients in prison. Patients were stratified according to age(<34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54 and >55(More)
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