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Individual component reliability can often be estimated from degradation signals. In this paper, we examine the utility of the wavelet transform in pre-processing degradation signals for on-line reliability estimation. Wavelet preprocessing facilitates examination of degradation signals in both the time-and frequency-domains, simultaneously. Neural networks(More)
The applicability of the focused-beam reflectance measurement (FBRM) device for particle-size measurements depends on an appropriate transformation of the measured chord lengths to particle sizes. This problem has received considerable attention in the recent past. However, most of this effort has been directed toward either spherical particles or(More)
Experiments were conducted to determine if dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) specifically binds to liver nuclei or interferes in the binding of other steroid hormones. Hepatocytes were isolated from obese, female Zucker rats that were treated with and without 0.6% DHEA in their diets for 2 weeks. The hepatocytes were incubated with either [3H]DHEA, [3H]estrone,(More)
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