Pankaj Kadam

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Although heart valve bioprostheses provide a normal quality of life, their durability is still of great concern. Their durability failure is defined as "degeneration," which is considered to be a consequence of metabolic factors. In this study, we demonstrate that mechanical and design factors can also be responsible for bioprosthesis failure. Large numbers(More)
Cranial defects occur most commonly as a sequelae to trauma, the incidence being as high as 70%. The successful management of a case of trauma in an emergency situation requires quick evacuation of the hematoma, repair of the dura, and the scalp but not necessarily the integrity of the calvarial segment as an immediate measure. So the reconstruction of the(More)
AIM This study evaluated and compared two impression techniques in terms of their dimensional accuracies to reproduce implant positions on working casts. MATERIALS AND METHODS A master model was designed to simulate a clinical situation. Impressions were made using four techniques: (1) Stock open tray (SOT) technique; (2) stock closed tray (SCT)(More)
Surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molar (SRIMTM) is the most common procedure performed in oral and maxillofacial surgery. In the literature, many complications associated with lower third molar removal are described such as pain, swelling, trismus, infection, inflammation, and nerve damage. Antibiotics are routinely used either pre-operatively(More)
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