Pankaj K. Kawadkar

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Now a day internet threat takes a blended attack form, targeting individual users to gain control over networks and data. Buffer Overflow which is one of the most occurring security vulnerabilities in a Computer's world. Buffer Overflow occurs while writing data to a buffer and it overruns the buffer's boundary and overwrites it to a adjacent memory. The(More)
Internet threat have different form of attacks, considering individual users to obtain control over data and network. The Buffer Overflow which is one of the most frequently occurring security vulnerabilities on network. Buffer Overflow occurs while writing data to a buffer and it overruns the buffer's threshold and overwrites it to neighboring memory. The(More)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been prominently working for the designed to sculpt the world. With the growth and data and increasing sophistication of analysis and processing techniques the traditional sequential methods of performing GIS processing on desktop computers is insufficient. This paper is based on analysis and the performance of 3D(More)
Cheap, seemingly unlimited computing resources that can be allocated almost instantaneously and pay-as-you-go pricing schemes are some of the reasons for the success of Cloud computing .In this paper we discuss few aspects of cloud computing and also there area. Cloud computing has been acknowledged as one of the prevailing models for providing IT(More)
— A Mobile ad-hoc network is an autonomous system of mobile nodes connected by wireless links; each node operates as an end system and a router for all other nodes in the network. In each communication operation we use multicasting technique. In multicasting technique signified for group communication that supports the dissemination of information from a(More)
Cloud computing promises innate scalability and high availability at low cost. So far cloud storage deployments were subject to big companies but an increasing amount of available open-source systems allow also smaller private cloud installations. In this paper we discuss cloud aggregation and cloud bursting with their empirical review. Based on the review(More)
Object-oriented approaches to software design and implementation have gained enormous popularity over the past two decades. However, whilst models of software systems routinely allow software engineers to express relationships between objects, object-oriented programming languages lack this ability. Instead, relationships must be encoded using complex(More)
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