Pankaj Joshi

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are spreading around in multiple fields of applications because they perform measuring tasks in a flexible way [1]. In this presented work IEEE 802.15.4 protocol based Zigbee transceivers module are used to make the wireless sensor network. The sensor node will acquire and internally store data periodically. Starting times as(More)
Further to results in [9], pointing out the role of initial density and velocity distributions towards determining the final outcome of spherical dust collapse, the causal structure of singularity is examined here in terms of evolution of the apparent horizon. We also bring out several related features which throw some useful light towards understanding the(More)
Despite growing popularity of small-scale clusters built out of off-the-shelf components, there has been little research on how these small-scale clusters behave under different scheduling policies. Batch scheduling policies with backfilling provide excellent space-sharing strategy for parallel jobs. However, as the performances of uniprocessor and(More)
An outstanding problem in gravitation theory and relativistic astrophysics today is to understand the final outcome of an endless gravitational collapse. Such a continual collapse would take place when stars more massive than few times the mass of the sun collapse under their own gravity on exhausting their nuclear fuel. According to the general theory of(More)
Refractory and super-refractory status epilepticus is a life-threatening neurological emergency, associated with high morbidity and mortality. Treatment should be aimed to stop seizure and to avoid cerebral damage and another morbidity. Published data about effectiveness, safety and outcome of various therapies and treatment approaches are sparse and are(More)
End state of gravitational collapse and the related cosmic censorship conjecture continue to be amongst the most important open problems in gravitation physics today. My purpose here is to bring out several aspects related to gravitational collapse and censorship, which may help towards a better understanding of the issues involved. Possible physical(More)
In the proposed paper wireless data gathering system for temperature parameter is designed based on ZigBee wireless technology. The system is made up by three parts. The Slave part that is in charge of collecting temperature data, it's designed by CC2500 chip and DS1620 temperature sensor. The Master part which is responsible for temperature data received(More)
We consider here the effects of a non-vanishing cosmological term on the final fate of a spherical inhomogeneous collapsing dust cloud. It is shown that depending on the nature of the initial data from which the collapse evolves, and for a positive value of the cosmological constant, we can have a globally regular evolution where a bounce develops within(More)
Assuming the weak energy condition, we study the nature of the non-central shell-focussing singularity which can form in the gravitational collapse of a spherical compact object in classical general relativity. We show that if the radial pressure is positive, the singularity is covered by a horizon. For negative radial pressures, the singularity will be(More)