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Aim: The study was carried out to investigate the microbiological quality of packaged drinking water marketed in Jaipur city. Material and Methods: In the present study 'twenty' drinking water samples (15 water bottles and 5 sachets) of different brands purchased randomly, were evaluated to access the water quality on the basis of different bacteriological(More)
This paper presents an approach for solving an inventory model for single-period products with maximizing its expected profit in a fuzzy environment, in which the retailer has the opportunity for substitution. Though various structures of substitution arise in real life, in this study we consider the fuzzy model for two-item with one-way substitution(More)
Aim: Ring worm are fungal infection relevant to animal and human health. The study was aimed to assess the frequency of dermatophytes infection of the skin of dogs in and around the Jaipur city. Materials and methods: One twenty canine samples were obtained during three years (2008-2011) from dogs suffering from different dermatological disorders and were(More)
Aim: To know the prevalence of antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli among dead and/or diarrhoic pigeons in and around greater Guwahati. Materials and Methods: Samples were cultured from dead and/or diarrhoic pigeons and identification was done by standard methods. The sensitivity of the isolated E.coli strains to 15 antibiotics of human and veterinary use(More)