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There are numerous problems associated with current system which are solving the problem of automatic currency classification. Some of the problems administered are like scaling, rotation and noise in the form of missing valuable data in printing or due to the wear and tear of currency notes. In our system we are first aligning the image horizontally along(More)
In this communication era, mobile -telephone industry has grown profoundly. The urban population uses the latest mobile-phone technology while the rural population buys second hand ones, mostly with degraded battery, that require frequent charging. This battery-problem becomes a giant when user doesnt have a standard charger or an electricity connection. In(More)
There are an incredibly large number of undiagnosed Diabetic patients who are unaware of their disease, placing them at a greater risk of Diabetic Retinopathy. As there is no cure or method to prevent it, early detection of symptoms benefits in giving proper treatment. So there is a need for developing a medical system for automatic screening of Diabetic(More)
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